maandag 25 april 2011

Vogue Living Australia

This Way, Design Academy Eindhoven graduate exhibition, Studio Zeta, Via Friuli 26

The Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) graduate exhibition is an eagerly anticipated part of Milan design week. This year’s exhibition was called ‘This Way’ and was once again curated by British designer Ilse Crawford (coincidentally, the guest editor of the May/June issue of Vogue Living), who is head of the school’s Department of Man and Wellbeing. Projects from over 40 graduates from the school’s 2010 Bachelors and Masters programs were on display.

Some of the work that caught the Vogue Living team’s attention included an anti-landmine device, below, inspired by the Afghan-born designer Massoud Hassani‘s experience growing up in areas littered with minefields. The wind-powered creation takes its shape from miniature models Hassani created as a child and clumps of dandelion seeds, and is designed to roll around a field detonating the mines it encounters. According to the Academy, the Dutch department of Defence is in talks with the designer about using a GPS-linked version of his device.

Article by Vogue Living Australia

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