woensdag 15 februari 2012

Designs of the Year 2012 - Design Museum London

Last week, Feb 8th, was the opening of Designs OF the Year 2012. Mine Kafon is nominated in Product category along some established products. It is really a big honor for us to be nominated. We are glad that people are now aware of land mine problems in the world. There are 270 million landmines spread across a lots of countries. If we get all those effected areas in the world and put them next to each other, that will create a whole continent by it self which is not useful for human beings and animals. Its a wasted land. Still don't understand, how is it possible to get this far, producing this amount of explosives to injure innocent people including kids and animals.

However, we are now working on an improved version of Mine Kafons. This will be better in many ways and cant wait to test them and use them in the real life.

We still need lots of support and help from organizations/governments to fund this project in one way or other.
Looking forward for a better and a safer future. Using a tool like Mine Kafon to remove landmines in countries like Angola can help repair and rebuild economic opportunities in wasted deserts, allowing people to work and live the safe life that they deserve, like every person on this planet.

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