woensdag 4 april 2012

4th of April, Lend Your Leg, NO MORE LANDMINES

Today, April 4th.Is an International day for Mine Awareness. Lend Your Leg to support this project.

foto is made at the workshop where we are building the new Mien Kafon - Anti land mine ball, to clear the land mines on effected countries around the world!

No philosophy or revolution. No religion or politics. No war or search for peace. No. Nothing justifies almost 5000 recorded people dead or injured last year alone because of landmines. Nothing justifies that vast areas of land are still infested with landmines waiting to hurt someone. Yet everyday, someone, somewhere, falls. This is why, next April 4th, when you go out to the street, lend your leg. By lending our legs, we will join our voice with the voice of humanity, the voice of compassion, the voice of reason. They will know it´s time to stop the violence, to stop breaking what they can´t fix, it´s time to stop using landmines. Through spreading conscience we will encourage the remaining 37 countries to join the Mine Ban Treaty and become examples to those who continue to use this insidious killers. From all corners of the world we´ll say using them is hideous and cowardly. It´s enough: the days of apathy are over!
Join the world, join that great voice that shouts: NO MORE LANDMINES.
April 4th. International day for Mine Awareness.
Lend Your Leg.

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