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Bron: Scidev
[AMSTERDAM] An Afghan designer has developed a wind-powered device that could substantially lower the risk to human life and financial cost of clearing landmines.

The 'Mine Kafon' was created by Massoud Hassani, who is based at the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
Built out of inexpensive, prefabricated materials, the device consists of a heavy plastic core containing a GPS (global positioning system) tracker, which is attached to bamboo sticks with plastic feet at each end that enable it to 'walk'.

All it needs is a windy day to move across a minefield, Hassani explained.

"If it hits a mine, [the mine] will explode," said Hassani, adding that if the device is damaged or destroyed, the cost of repairing or replacing it is far lower than traditional mine clearing approaches.

"One Mine Kafon costs US$40, which is a lot less than the US$1,000 currently spent on removing a single mine," he said.

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Bron: Green Prophet
It is uncertain whether government agencies in the country have commissioned the ingenious minesweeper, but Hassani will be available to talk about this and other designs at the upcoming Design Indaba in Cape Town that starts on February 29th, 2012.

According to Design Indaba, the talented designer from Afghanistan will also discuss his latest project, “..a series of cooking products called “Silk Cooking”, inspired by Afghan traditions.”
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Dam nation Magazine
Here's a guy who is not shy about flaunting his wares. As an Afghan who has landed up in Holland via Pakistan and Uzbekistan, he has gained quite a perspective on the world and its issues. With a keen interest in eliminating landmines running in parallel with the launch of a range of kitchen utensils based on an entirely new way of cooking he's developed, he has rather a lot of fish to fry.
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