zaterdag 3 november 2012

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Some Quotes from Mail Online readers:

Maybe this lad should have been awarded the noble peace prize as this is more deserving than the european union.
- Sick of the waste, Leeds, United Kingdom

Why on earth has this not been done before. Great invention.
- Aaron, Exeter,

What ever it costs it is worth every penny if it saves one life or stops these bombs from maiming anyone else. Great idea I love it x
- sunshine65, london

This is the apex of genius!!!!!!!, simple effective and life saving. I would nominate the inventor for a Nobel Peace Prize. Inspiring!!!
- Nick, Imagined View of the Past, United Kingdom,

How fantastically simple.
- Wrighty, Worcester, United Kingdom,

- if I was in the desert and saw one of these hurtling past me for the 1st time i'd think that tumbleweeds were secretly planning to take over the world. seriously though hats off to this simply great inventio
Tom Avenged, Malaga, Spain

Whatever it takes! Anything it takes. Even if it only clears one, that is one less that could harm someone.
- Sarahew88, Kandahar, United States

Wow, neat idea - a great start to solving a terrible problem that doesn't go away when the troops leave!
- Sally, Rochester, United Kingdom,

Quite impressive! Funny thing is, it looks so unique I'd buy this to put somewhere in my house.
- Le Chiffre, Paris,

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