maandag 23 april 2012

The tested Mine Kafon was exhibited in Milan during the Salone

Recently we presented the tested version of Mine Kafon at the Salone. This is the prototype which got totally damaged a few months ago. It looked badly but after repairing it, it wasn't that bad at all. Lots of parts flew off, because of the air explosion. It's improved now. In Milan we presented it with two colors. White means exploded parts. So every white leg means that it got damaged during the test sessions. So now it is selected in a way to visualize the impact of 100 gram explosives. Which is deadly for a person but Mine Kafon's central ball has survived it and it can be reused again and again and again!! The GPS chip will stay intact as well.

Pictures by Jeroen van Oirschot

maandag 16 april 2012

exhibition in Milan 2012, opening 17th april at Studio Zeta

Premsela at the 2012 Salone

This year once again, Premsela is bringing a full programme of events to Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile. We’ll stage Spring, our first exhibition in the Italian city. We’ll also hold our annual Dutch design cocktail hour at the Netherlands consulate (for invited guests only) and reprise last year’s popular Milan Breakfasts. And we’re organising a mini-symposium with the Vitra Design Museum.
For Spring – opening at 11am on Tuesday 17 April at Studio Zeta – curator Miram van der Lubbe selected 15 designers who got their start in Eindhoven. Their work will appear alongside designs by young colleagues and established predecessors they admire. Spring is the first exhibition to be cohosted by Premsela and Capital D during the Salone. It was previously on view in Eindhoven during Dutch Design Week 2011.

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Lectures at Design Indaba in Cape town

Pecha Kucha at Design Indaba 2012 from Design Indaba on Vimeo.

Design Indaba

@ Times

AFGHAN designer Massoud Hassani's landmine decommissioning device - called the Mine Sweeper - was one of thousands of extraordinary creations showcased at the Design Indaba, which started in Cape Town on Wednesday.

Creative types from around the world gathered at the city's Cape Town International Convention Centre where Hassani explained that his invention was inspired by a childhood toy.

Mine Sweeper is a ball with bamboo poles sticking out of it. Each pole ends in a flat rubber surface, which detonates landmines as the wind-blown ball rolls.

The Design Museum in London has nominated it for Design of the Year 2012 - alongside Kate Middleton's wedding dress and the UK's Olympic torch.
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The best discussion reviews from latest weeks about Mine Kafon

Bron: Scidev
[AMSTERDAM] An Afghan designer has developed a wind-powered device that could substantially lower the risk to human life and financial cost of clearing landmines.

The 'Mine Kafon' was created by Massoud Hassani, who is based at the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
Built out of inexpensive, prefabricated materials, the device consists of a heavy plastic core containing a GPS (global positioning system) tracker, which is attached to bamboo sticks with plastic feet at each end that enable it to 'walk'.

All it needs is a windy day to move across a minefield, Hassani explained.

"If it hits a mine, [the mine] will explode," said Hassani, adding that if the device is damaged or destroyed, the cost of repairing or replacing it is far lower than traditional mine clearing approaches.

"One Mine Kafon costs US$40, which is a lot less than the US$1,000 currently spent on removing a single mine," he said.

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Bron: Green Prophet
It is uncertain whether government agencies in the country have commissioned the ingenious minesweeper, but Hassani will be available to talk about this and other designs at the upcoming Design Indaba in Cape Town that starts on February 29th, 2012.

According to Design Indaba, the talented designer from Afghanistan will also discuss his latest project, “..a series of cooking products called “Silk Cooking”, inspired by Afghan traditions.”
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Dam nation Magazine
Here's a guy who is not shy about flaunting his wares. As an Afghan who has landed up in Holland via Pakistan and Uzbekistan, he has gained quite a perspective on the world and its issues. With a keen interest in eliminating landmines running in parallel with the launch of a range of kitchen utensils based on an entirely new way of cooking he's developed, he has rather a lot of fish to fry.
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Latest radio interview with RNW

Here you can listen to our latest radio interview with Radio Netherlands Worldwide.
interview starts from 2:30 seconds

Why we need a device like Mine Kafon?

Afghan Paralympic swimmer heading to London. This kid was injured by two landmines at the neighborhood of Kabul Airport. The exact place where we lived in Kabul.

These are the flat landscapes where Mine Kafon can do it's work at his best. It can make the lives of UN peacemakers much saver and easier.

Meeting with Theo Jansen - Leondardo Da Vinci of our time

Recently had a meeting with Theo Jansen again. I needed his advice for the new Mine Kafon that we are working on. It will be better and smarter in many ways.

woensdag 4 april 2012

4th of April, Lend Your Leg, NO MORE LANDMINES

Today, April 4th.Is an International day for Mine Awareness. Lend Your Leg to support this project.

foto is made at the workshop where we are building the new Mien Kafon - Anti land mine ball, to clear the land mines on effected countries around the world!

No philosophy or revolution. No religion or politics. No war or search for peace. No. Nothing justifies almost 5000 recorded people dead or injured last year alone because of landmines. Nothing justifies that vast areas of land are still infested with landmines waiting to hurt someone. Yet everyday, someone, somewhere, falls. This is why, next April 4th, when you go out to the street, lend your leg. By lending our legs, we will join our voice with the voice of humanity, the voice of compassion, the voice of reason. They will know it´s time to stop the violence, to stop breaking what they can´t fix, it´s time to stop using landmines. Through spreading conscience we will encourage the remaining 37 countries to join the Mine Ban Treaty and become examples to those who continue to use this insidious killers. From all corners of the world we´ll say using them is hideous and cowardly. It´s enough: the days of apathy are over!
Join the world, join that great voice that shouts: NO MORE LANDMINES.
April 4th. International day for Mine Awareness.
Lend Your Leg.